Are You a Romantic?

All of my novels are — in one way or another — tinged with romanticism, but, today, most people have little understanding of the term’s literary meaning and have reduced “romance” to mean little more than the affectations we assume in the pursuit of the amorous attention of a potential lover. Romance, however, as an artistic movement and as a philosophy of living, entails so much more.

What a Drag!

I would have rather had my children attend a story time led by a drag queen than a blood-soaked MMA fight or a professional wrestling match, where violence and the objectification of women are not just part of the show but the actual point of the show. I’d suggest that if you find a drag show distasteful, there’s a simple solution: don’t go or take your children.

Some Suggestions for Alternative Christmas Songs

The winter/Christmas songs I’ve come to prefer are not the typical carols, pop-rock, and kitschy tunes that tend to dominate the air waves and playlists. I like tunes that remind me of how fortunate I am and have been and that remind me of the numerous gifts I’ve already received, especially in comparison to so many unfortunate others. I also like those that present a unique or ironic take on the season.