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“If all I did in life was what was safe and without risk, what would I ever do?” – Ty

So Shelly

My first novel, So Shelly, is a re-imagining of the lives and friendships of the three great second generation Romantic – Byron, Shelley, and Keats – reset in the modern world as young adults. It earned several nominations for awards in the YA category and was translated into both Spanish and Portuguese

Goodness Falls

Goodness Falls is my second novel. Inspired by my time as a high school football coach and the many other challenges faced by teenagers (peer pressure, parental expectations, burgeoning sexuality, drug abuse), it explores the issue of traumatic brain injury due to a sports concussion.

Island No. 6

My latest and eerily timely novel, Island No. 6, imagines the outcomes of a bird flu virus outbreak on an island in Lake Erie, where governmental authorities take drastic measures in the attempt to ensure that the outbreak does not explode into a mainland pandemic.

Praise for So Shelly
  • “Lurid and Literary.” – Kirkus Reviews
  • Earned me a nomination as one of the Top Ten New YA authors of 2012
  • Earned me a nomination for the top YA author of 2012 by Ohioana Book Festival
Praise for Goodness Falls

“Heart-aching and emotionally beautiful. – R.A. Nelson, acclaimed author of Throat and Days of Little Texas

Island No. 6 – Amazon Reviews

“I rank Island No. 6 as the best of the “virus” books I’ve ever read.” JCL5150

“A riveting read that keeps you wondering, ‘What next?!” Skohl60

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