AI has made it increasingly difficult to trust anything we see in photos, on video, or read in print or online and at a time when there are few remaining safe public places. But until we make a leap of faith and are willing to risk trusting one another again, we will continue to spiral downward into an ungovernable state of enmity and anomie.

“Girls in Their Summer Clothes”

Perhaps, a part of my willingness to recycle myself is due to the fact that I struggle intellectually to put much stock in a cognizant existence after this earthly life is through. I keep the door open slightly to the possibility that I’m wrong, but I have found it easier to deeply appreciate my life and those who people it with the belief that my existence is finite rather than banking on what may or not be behind Door #2.

Attention: Boomer on Board

Postmodernism has served its purpose in calling attention to a number of unjust and unprincipled policies and in warning of the dangers inherent in placing one’s blind trust in authority of any kind, both as individuals and as a citizenry. However, it has also resulted in a stagnancy in which nothing is sacred, no one can be trusted, and progress is impossible.