Why Blog?

Generally, I do not like to be introduced as a writer. It’s not there is anything to be embarrassed about. It’s just that writing is something I do; a teacher is who I am – first, foremost, and forever.

It is for this simple fact that I’m publishing this blog. If it draws a few more eyes to my novels, that’s great too, but my primary reason for writing anything has always been to expand my classroom.

As a classroom teacher, I typically have around one hundred students enrolled in my courses each year. After thirty-five years in the classroom, I’ve probably taught upwards of four thousand students. However, I have often had students’ parents, friends, and family members share with me that they wish they could sit in on my class. I always invite them, but no one ever takes me up on the offer.

What I hope to do with this blog is to convert some of my classroom lectures into short essays that very briefly summarize various readings and highlight the main themes to be drawn from them. If you do take the time to read them, remember I try to be as provocative as a lecturer as I can. I always warn my students early in the year that I hope to challenge them to question every thing they have been taught to be “right, true, and/or good.” In order to inspire discernment, I often play devil’s advocate and argue for positions I don’t necessarily believe myself.

Someday, I may organize all of these yet-to-be-written pieces into a book of essays. Who knows? For now, I just hope they bring a few nuggets of wisdom and even a tiny bit of joy into the hearts and minds of those who take a few minutes to read them.

Keep an eye on this site. The first essay will be posted soon. For anyone who took my English Literature course, it’ll be a little refresher on my favorite lesson from Beowulf. Don’t roll your eyes. You’re going to love it!

Published by tyfroth

My primary passion and vocation is teaching literature and composition on both the high school and university level. My avocation is writing novels that explore contemporary themes/issues relevant to both young adult and adult readers.

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